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Our knowledge is your success story
3.1 Meeting
3.2 Offer

The Meeting

Let us introduce ourselves!

We love to talk to you so you can inspire us with your story and inform us how you want to inspire your students. Tell us your needs regarding...

  • travel arrangements

  • accommodations

  • industry visits

  • networking events

  • cultural activities

  • budget & payments

  • professional support by our above & beyond care team

  • ...

3.3 Info session

The Offer

Let us inform you!


We aim to offer you a unique and inspirational student trip, fully tailored to your requests. Are there changes needed? Don’t worry, we will work together until we are able to put together the best student trip experience while giving you total peace of mind. We'll take care of it!

The Info session

Let’s present this!

We organize a collective session for students to inform them and off course encourage them to take the trip!

3.4 Booking
3.5 Experience

The Booking

Let us take care of everything!


Once students are registered, we get started with all the administration and bookings. We continuously keep everyone up-to-date and help with regards to passports, visas, medical requirements,... by mail. Moreover, we provide everyone with a detailed roadbook of the unique student trip. Before, during, and after the trips, we are always available.

The Experience

Let’s take the trip!


We are convinced each one of our unique student trips is career-oriented and these cultural journeys are filled with inspirational moments. Let’s just enjoy it!

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