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Atlas Academic is a full service travel agency that specialises in organising custom tailored trips for students. We organise both academic and recreational trips.

At Atlas Academic, we believe that academic teaching goes beyond the classroom walls, without limiting anyone. Our unique career-oriented and cultural journeys provide a window to students’ professional future. Giving them meaningful information, inspiration, and motivation which empowers them with confidence. Ready to pursue their dreams .


We all have our unique story; it makes us who we are today. For so many of us, this story starts at school, the place where we write our first chapter. But moreover, it is the place where we discover our passion, which classes spark enthusiasm and will set out our life chapters.


This favorite class is different for everyone, but they all have that one thing in common: inspiration.

We find inspiration in...
.. that teacher who explains the subject in such a passionate way.

.. that great book you can’t put down.

.. that guest speaker who motivates you to do better.
.. that industry event where you feel like you belong.

.. that internship you envision to be your dream job.


So many times we get inspired in life!
Atlas Academic is passionate about being a part of that inspirational journey!


We love to inspire you, both teachers and students, from the first meeting to the last reunion.


We are committed to taking you on a great journey and therefore make it unique and inspirational, in a way that makes this student trip an unforgettable experience.

2. Academic impact


During this student trip, we offer students many ways to encounter future professional contacts:

  • we organize relevant industry visits;

  • we team up for informal networking moments;

  • yes, we even try to bring some professionals along to cultural and/or entertaining activities.

Our focus is on bringing students and professionals together and the journey being nothing less than a source of inspiration to students, even long after the student trip. We believe that this unique vision is what makes our student trips stand out and turn it into your success story!

2. above & beyond care team


To make this great journey a reality, you can count on our knowledge! We have a fantastic team:

  • a team full of travel experts, business networkers and project managers;

  • a team that is passionate and young-hearted;

  • a team that goes above & beyond.


We care about making the most of these student trips and therefore listen to you and to your students. In working together, we build a unique roadmap for this inspirational student trip. Throughout the entire process, it is important to us that you, as a teacher, can focus on the academic. Let us worry about the rest!


Let us take care of...

  • travels and accommodation;

  • industry visits and networking events;

  • the tourist sightseeing and the local culture.

2. Anyone, anywhere


Our unique student trips are tailor-made to make it your success story, and a success story for everyone. We really pride ourselves in making this inspirational student trip available to anyone anywhere and therefore try not to limit anyone from participating. We do so by maintaining a competitive price level and continuously questioning ourselves to do better.


Curious how we aim to inspire everyone? Have a look at how we work or contact us.

Anker 1


Travelling is an enrichment for us as people: our heart, soul and mind gain insights. It opens doors to new cultures, new people and new stories.


And with Atlas Academic, we hope it also brings by valuable industry knowledge.
Travelling should also enrich our precious planet.


That is why we partner up with companies with the same vision: striving to preserve our climate. We are realistic it will never be enough, but every little step towards a better planet is a good one. That is why, besides our durable partnerships, we also team up with GoForest to plant a tree for each of our clients that take a journey with Atlas Academic. 

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