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  • Which destinations are popular for student trips ?
    Our main focus is on strong economic regions such as the EU, China, and the US that host a lot of industry-relevant and market-leading businesses. However, If you want to organize an inspirational academic trip for your students, we will make it happen, regardless of the destination. Every trip is unique and tailor-made, with a focus on academic and students’ success stories.
  • What do students like to visit during student trips?
    To make every trip a success story, we always look for inspirational industry visits. Throughout our expertise, we know drawing out this visitation plan works best when there is a collaboration between teachers, students, and our team. Like any part of organizing this trip, we always strive for educational impact for the students while giving total peace of mind to the teachers.
  • Are there cultural activities planned during the trip ?
    Yes, aside from the industry visits, we love to integrate some cultural aspects and leisure activities in the student trip as well. Watching a Lakers game with your class after visiting Dreamworks, we cheered them on. Morning yoga sessions on the beach, we found the perfect spot. Moreover we see the benefits of including industry people in these leisure activities, or even low-key networking events. As always, this is on total demand of the academic organization.
  • Who do we contact if we want to change something about our program?
    You can count on our above and beyond care team to be available 24/7 during your trip. In the months leading up to the trip, we team up to arrange your requests. During the trip, we will arrange every change in academic meetings, cultural visits, accommodation, transport,... within our capabilities. Moreover, your project manager will take this trip with you in order for you and your students to enjoy a carefree inspirational journey.
  • What about payments or cancellations of the student trip?
    We always have your best interests at heart. We aim to make these student trips available to anyone and therefore are willing to spread payments for every motivated student who needs it. We review case by case so don’t hesitate to make inquiries. Moreover, we always set out back-up plans for cancellations by participants, educational companies or accommodation partners.
  • What about insurance?
    We have every base covered. We provide cancellation insurance and travel assistance through our partner EuropeAssistance. These are available per student or per group and take into account that prices may vary per location and duration of your stay.
  • What about immigration, VISA, vaccination, and other administrative requirements?"
    We guide students and teachers every step of the way. At the start of the enrollment, we check if every student and teacher qualifies for the VISA application. In the months and weeks before departure, every participant receives a personalized email filled with useful information and required to do’s. It’s our job to follow up on this and we make sure all requirements are met upon departure.
  • Is Atlas Academic an international organization?
    Yes, international is our middle name. We are an international organization, available both offline and online. We have a broad network of travel experts, business networkers, and project managers in our team. We are always up for a casual get to know us chat, so don’t hesitate to contact us.
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